Alex + Kolten

Last month I had the privilege of attending and photographing Alexaundrea and Kolten's wedding at Timber Line Barn. It was a simple and rustic ceremony, with plenty of beautiful pictures and plenty of laughs (just ask Kolten about the garter lol).

Alex and Kolten met as teenagers who attended the same youth group at Morrisville Assembly. They started dating last year and I remember thinking "that's a match!" as their relationship came across my Facebook feed. You see, anyone who knows Kolten, knows that he loves to hunt--I don't say that lightly. So when I saw him with this beautiful girl--and I don't say that lightly either haha--who also can handle her own in hunting, it seemed like a perfect fit. He made it official when he proposed at the old church at Silver Dollar City last winter. 

How did you know that he was the "one"?

Because he got me. Everything about me he just gets, he's just as crazy and silly as I am and I liked that. Plus he's one of those guys were he can act all tough and bad, but really he's a big sweetheart.

What are some of your favorite things about him?

His sense of humor. He's such a dork at times and I love it. He's also a really passionate person, no matter what it is, he puts his whole heart into it. Plus I love his red hair lol.

Some of you who may not know, but Alex and Kolten actually tied the knot on January 16th, in a private ceremony. This wedding was their way of celebrating with their friends and family--and snagging some awesome pictures for their home! *smile*

What are some of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

Taking all of the pictures! All I really wanted from the wedding, other than my husband, was the abundance of pictures! The day was a mess really but I didn't care, the whole day was perfect to me!

And boy, did we take some pictures! 

What were your thoughts as you were walking down the aisle?

I wasn't nervous, I knew what I was getting into and I couldn't wait! I was also a little nervous about my heel getting stuck in the back of my dress again... All I kept thinking was just please don't fall on your face in front of everybody!

Then I asked Kolten some similar questions I received some amusing, yet heartfelt answers. 

What made you fall in love with Alex?

Her smile.

When did you know she was the "one"?

On our second date, shooting zombies. 


Favorite things about her?

Her smile. And her bow shooting abilities. 

How did you feel when you saw her walking down the aisle?

I honestly couldn't explain how I felt. There's not an emoji that has that much excitement.

An emoji, eh? Haha!

What a great day and I pray you both have a blessed marriage! 

VENUE: Timber Line Barn

FLORIST: The Flower Merchant

DRESS: Normans Bridal

HAIR: Hair by Kacie

MAKEUP: Nicole Bryan

CAKE: Monica Andrews

CATERING: Deanos BBQ & More

VIDEOGRAPHY: 417 Sound & Color

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