Adalyn is 2!

So, my little niece has recently turned the big "two"! She is such a cute little thing--fair skinned, big eyes, and a-dor-a-ble blonde ringlets all over her head. My sister Judah asked me to take her pictures, so of course I was excited. We met up and I grabbed a few props, along with her favorite dolls and shoes, and off we went!

I quickly learned that Adalyn wasn't going to sit long for "poses" and this would much more of a candid session. So, I let her do her thing and I walked around grabbing shots of her. 

According to her mom, Adalyn loves all things girly. That includes, but is not limited to, having her nails painted (she requests them to painted daily), having her hair styled with tiny pigtails and bows, dolls, and shoes!

"Her favorite toys are her baby dolls. She rocks them and sings them to sleep."

"This spring I bought her a pair of silver ankle boots. She was so excited she wouldn't take them off at bedtime. I tried to take them off after she fell asleep, but she woke up crying to wear her boots."

"She may be all girl, but she still can keep up with her brothers. On a typical day, you can find Adalyn with her pink nails, pink hair bows, lip gloss on, running around with her brothers having sword fights and Nerf gun battles. She is a sweetheart and is going to be a great big sister."

And, in case you didn't know, Judah and Brian are expecting baby #4 in October!