Amanda + Aaron

My most recent wedding was near and dear to my heart, as I photographed someone I've known since he was a just kid. I've watched Aaron grow up into a dashing man, and to see him marry the one he loves was very sweet. A couple of years ago I met Amanda, and I was instantly charmed with her beautiful smile and her outgoing, warm personality. When they asked me to photograph their wedding earlier this year I was beyond thrilled!

I've asked Amanda to share how they met and his proposal. So, in her words...

"I wish I could say that meeting Aaron was one of those scenarios where he walked into the bank I was working at and our gazes locked and the rest is, as they say, history. But no. Actually, he was making a deposit for his boss that banked with us. He had been teasing Aaron to ask me out for months. Finally, he told Aaron if he happened to get the courage and ask me out he would give him the day off! Yes, that's right, Aaron was essentially bribed to ask me out. So, one day he came in and dropped off a deposit. Never mind that I was wearing pants that were 3 sizes too big, or that I chose my most comfiest grandma shoes, or that I hadn't brushed my hair for at least two be fair, to myself, I looked...I mean I felt very comfortable that day! Anyway, after I took the deposit I asked him if I could help him with anything else, and he asked if I would like to go out sometime. I knew at that moment that if a man was willing to take me out looking like I did that day,he was worth spending some time with! So I said what any sensible woman wearing large pants, grandma shoes with unwashed ponytail hair would say, "sure." By the way, he didn't get the day off...

And the proposal?

He wanted to do it before the New Year, so he took me to our favorite restaurant. It has a beautiful view of the San Gabriel River. After dinner he suggested that we walk to the river. Now, as romantic as that sounded, I was stuffed from dinner and cold. It was the end of December after all, I said no. He pushed. I continued to say no. Did I mention how cold it was?! He continued to push. Finally, I was over it and ran to the car to get warm. I continued to plead my case against the cold, and finally asked why he wanted to walk to the river so bad when he said, "I'm trying to propose to you!!!" I was completely surprised! He took out the ring in the middle of the parking lot and put it on my finger. 

Well, the big day arrived on a sunny and windy October morning. Their wedding was held at the rustic Ritzy Ranch in Bolivar, MO. These two had thought of so many charming details, including yard games, a coffee bar, and blankets to help ward off the chilly fall weather. 

As the ceremony began, Aaron watched his bride walk down the grassy aisle with tears in his eyes. The music played and everything went as planned...until her ring accidentally fell between the cracks of the pergola! Amanda kept on smiling and the ceremony continued on without further interruption, ending with a celebratory kiss and plenty of smiles (and possibly a tearing apart of said pergola). 

Their reception consisted of a brunch catered by the locally known Aviary Crepery based in Springfield. Her mother made a beautiful fruit garnished naked cake, as well as the groom's--a tres leches cake covered in chocolate ganache. Are you hungry yet?

Following the reception we were able to sneak away for a little bit and grab some additional bride and groom portraits which you will see at the end! 

Congratulations Aaron & Amanda, and I pray that you have many wonderful years ahead of you!

Dress | Second Summer Bride

Hair | Diamond & Do's

Makeup | Nikki Smith

Ceremony & Reception Venue | Ritzy Ranch

Catering | Aviary Cafe

Cake | Dora Eaton

Music | Erin Ross

Florist | Lauren Medley Floral

Wedding Coordinator | Bliss Events