Xander's Hope

Meet Xander! This little guy is your typical six-year-old. He loves toys, movies, eating pizza (especially taco pizza), playing with his brothers, watching cartoons, and dancing to music. But he's also not your typical six-year-old. He's fighting a life-threatening disease that we all cringe at the thought of. Yes, he has cancer.

Last fall the doctors discovered his brain tumor, and since then he has been undergoing treatment and St.Jude's. He's finished his radiation treatment and starts chemotherapy within the next couple of weeks. Xander is full of life, in spite of life's obstacles. He smiles, laughs, gives ornery looks, and even offered me a few hugs and kisses throughout our session. That warmed my heart because we hadn't met until that day.

I really enjoyed this session. I think capturing moments of life, in the good and the not-so-good, is very important. We can then later look back on the pictures, and remember what God has done, how He has brought us through, what He has taught us, and how He has shaped us. 

We stand with you Xander, and your family! Our prayers and support are with you. Keep on smiling and playing. I'm so glad you know how you are loved, especially by God.