Allison + Wyatt

This summer has had it's share of weddings, and this was another one that I just loved! I met Allison when she was in sixth grade and now here she is, all grown up and married!

Their day was just beautiful. Allison looked stunning in her dress and the rain held off for their outdoor ceremony at Enchanted Hills in north Springfield, MO. Surrounded by trees, a creek with a gushing waterfall, and overlooking a pond, this love-struck couple said their vows and promised forever in front of family and friends. 

One thing I loved so much about this couple is the emotion they shared. From Daddy's first look, to Wyatt's private reveal, all the way through to the last dance! There were tears of joy and so much smiling and laughter!

When I asked her how she met Wyatt, and about the proposal, this is what she had to say...

"We met on Tinder, which is a dating app and super unromantic. My dad wouldn't let me go meet a random stranger unless he (my dad) came with. So he did. And Wyatt still showed up. 
On our second date we went to the plaza in KC, although he had had ACL surgery 2 weeks prior, he walked all over the plaza with me, held open doors, held my purse and shopping bags, and swept me off my feet. That night I told my mom I was going to marry him.
Seven months later he told to not make plans after church and I knew he was going to propose to me because he doesn't usually plan things. He took me to Dogwood Canyon in Branson and took me to a waterfall that was two waterfalls flowing into one. He said, 'I picked this spot because there are two waterfalls flowing into one, just like we are two people becoming one,' and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him."